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Wall, Floor & Roof Insulation Board Material Characteristics

During the last 40 years, polyurethane has made an important contribution to our daily living comfort. Not only is it used to insulate buildings, cooling and other industrial installations, it is also applied as furniture- and mattress fillings, in cars and in other industrial and domestic applications.

During this time, the insulation industry has seen an increasing demand for polyisocyanurate because of its better fire behaviour compared to polyurethane. All products made in our production plant in Stoke-on-Trent are polyisocyanurate based.

Our insulation thermal PIR boards can be used to insulated every part of a building. Here are the reasons why:

• Excellent insulating capacity

All Eurothane / Powerdeck products have a low lambda value and closed cell structure. We have statistical information to prove the stable lambda-value of these products and can confirm that the declared λ-value (λD) for all Recticel insulation boards is below 0.028 W/m.K, with certain products having a much lower lambda value, e.g. 0.022 W/mK. See product data sheets for more information.

Eurothane and Powerdeck products insulate up to 40% better than some other insulation materials. This does not only mean an important space saving but also a reduction in installation time.

• Excellent dimensional stability

We attach great importance to the quality of our products, specifically the excellent dimensional stability. The criteria that we impose upon ourself is stricter than those demanded for technical agreements. This is especially the case for flat roof insulation products.

• Lightweight

Eurothane and Powerdeck boards are very light (only 30 kg/m³). This means that, to obtain the same thermal resistance level, the total insulation is up to 90% lighter than if you use other insulation materials.

• Board dimensions

The convenient 1200 x 600 mm boards can be used for many different applications. The larger 1200 x 2400 mm boards are ideal for larger surfaces, which can save you a considerable amount of time on the construction site.

• Easy to handle

Polyisocyanurate boards are easy to handle and can easily be cut to measure. The combination of lightweight, convenient dimensions and a facing adapted to the purpose of the building helps to obtain an easy, quick and correct installation.

• Good walkability

With a compressive strength of 1.2 kg/cm² to 1.5 kg/cm², Eurothane and Powerdeck boards are ideal to withstand the pressures to which insulation material can be submitted. This is especially the case for flat roof (terrace) applications. The roof is perfectly walkable and there is no risk of damage during construction.

• Compatible to different waterproofing membranes

Depending on the facing, there are different types of Eurothane/Powerdeck products. In case of flat roof insulation, it is possible to offer a multitude of solutions in function of the chosen waterproofing membrane.

• Excellent wind resistance

In order to obtain a roof system with a good wind resistance, the quality of the underlying insulation material is very important if combined with bonded waterproofing systems. A high delamination strength guarantees that a number of roof constructions resist high winds extremely well.