Pir Pocket Guide

Pitched Roof

PIR thermal insulation boards for pitched roofing applications

Available in a wide range of thicknesses, our PIR insulation board will assist in meeting the appropriate Building Regulations standard with any form of pitched roof construction.

For new build or refurbishments projects, install PIR board between and under the rafters to increase useable space by using the roof void as part of the habitable accomodation. Ideal for loft conversions where internal headroom is crucial.

Our Eurothane GP insulation board is ideal for use above, between and under rafters.

Our Eurothane PL is also ideal for pitched roofing insulation applications. Factory bonded, the plasterboard provides optimum board dimensions and adhesion between layers, with a super-flat surface that can be painted straight onto, saving you time and space.

Recticel products for Pitched Roof:

L-Ments self-supporting and insulating roof elements of Recticel Insulation: your future-proof solution for


A premium PIR insulation, perfectly suited for multiple applications. Whether it’s a pitched roof,