Pir Pocket Guide

Framed Walls

We manufacture a PIR insulation board that is ideal for use in both timber and metal-framed systems, either between the studs or as an insulated sheathing.

You can avoid thermal bridging problems caused by timber or metal studs by using PIR insulation as external sheathing, creating a thermally efficient, insulated envelope. Our high quality insulation board has a high resistance to the passage of moisture vapour, ensuring that condensation risks are minimised by incorporating vapour resistive surfaces to create warm conditions.

Our Eurothane GP board is ideal for this application, and, when used between studs in timber framed constructions, it is possible to meet the latest Building Regulation requirement with a 90mm layer. When used as an insulated sheathing, only 60mm of Eurothane GP is required.

Recticel products for Framed Walls:

A premium PIR insulation, perfectly suited for multiple applications. Whether it’s a pitched roof,